The Ten of Us Is God Truly Enough?
by Alma Phillips Murphy Goss

Life has been filled with many transitions and challenges for me. You will find many of them in this book. I could not tell it all because the book would never end. I have been so blessed and yet so traumatized. My life has been filled with so many remarkable people who are responsible for who I am today! Growing up in the small segregation town of Marlin, Texas, I learned early about being Black and making a difference. I knew, when I was a young girl, that I wanted to not only make a difference in my life, but the way the world views me as a person. This book explains some of those challenges that I had to face, and continue to face, as I stand not as a woman of color, but a woman of God. I have had to learn to live with myself, and as Paul in the bible states, be content. After many experiences, opportunities, and being left alone because of the loss of love ones, I had to be content with who I am and whose I am. I had to decide to move forward or just co-exist. Living is a mindset. Before I could be the best I could be for Christ, I had to accept the person God has created me to be, and learn to live with the problems, circumstances, financial challenges, burdens, sorrows, rejections, disappointments, accomplishments, weaknesses, strengths, loss of love ones, and cares. It has not been an easy journey, but a test of my faith orchestrated by God. I could either fail the test or pass. I chose to pass! There were nine girls and one boy in my family. We had one sister, Lori Ann, who was still born. We grew up as friends, and those of us that are still alive continue to be best friends. I did not have to worry about friends growing up, although I had many, because I had my sisters and my brother. The title of this book is THE TEN OF US Is God Truly Enough? You will learn about each of the ten siblings and how God has always shown himself faithful in each of their lives. You will read about the funny stories, sad times and experiences, and how God intervened in each of their lives. Come with me on this journey of getting to know THE TEN OF US Is God Truly Enough?

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